Bring back old wallpaper to pristine condition

VidiPIX offers a service to repair, restore and bring back to life old wallpaper. Upload images of your wallpaper and use VidiPIX's powerful solution to process it.

Generate reports easily and adjust advanced colourdesign

VidiPIX allows you to easily create reports to print. You can quickly and without effort adjust the colour design and make new versions with different colours.

About Us

The story behind VidiPIX

The idea behind VidiPIX come to life in 2020. Jorunn Tharaldsen worked on restoring wallpaper, which was time-consuming as the tools required did not exist and therefore the work had to be done manually. Tharaldsen talked with Anton Strand at Canon about the need for new innovate tools to assist her. Prof. Marius Pedersen, spezialized in the field of colour imaging, met with Anton Strand. Strand mentioned a problem of restauring old damaged wallpapers, and Pedersen saw the potential of using his expertise and research to solve the problem. The idea of VidiPIX was born. The first version of VidiPIX was developed at NTNU by Marius Pedersen and Vlado Kitanovski. This standalone application was used by Tharaldsen and reduced her workload from 400 hours to only 30 hours, and significantly changed how she worked. Since then VidiPIX has gone through several iterations, starting as a standalone application running only on Windows, till today's version of VidiPIX being a powerful online application, easibly accessible through the web.

VidiPIX is a perfect example of synergy between disciplines, and a result of a creative person meeting a technologist, which results in a unique and innovative solution.

Easy to use
The team

VidiPIX has an interdisciplinary team.

  • Marius Pedersen

    Marius Pedersen is a full professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Marius received his BsC in Computer Engineering in 2006, and MiT in Media Technology in 2007, both from Gjøvik University College, Norway. He completed a PhD program in color imaging in 2011 from the University of Oslo, Norway, sponsored by Océ. He is professor at the Department of Computer Science at NTNU in Gjøvik, Norway. His work is centered on subjective and objective image quality.

    At VidiPIX Marius is responsible for the color image processing and algoritihms that makes the "magic happen".

  • Jorunn Tharaldsen

    Jorunn Tharaldsen is a photographer, trend researcher and creative manager in concepts and product development. Production by recreating old wallpaper and historical walls came through a spin-off project through working as an author and photographer of the book "Dusty - tidløse fargevalg". Jorunn is a trend researcher in the area of interior decor and advises graphic art companies that produce and work with wallpaper.

  • Robin Vigdal Bekkevold

    Robin Vigdal Bekkevold is an extremely skilled web programmer, and is the web responsible at VidiPIX.

About VidiPIX

VidiPIX Our services

VidiPIX provide an easy-to-use online application to restore, repair and modify wallpapers.
VidiPIX is easy to use through a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. You can easily change settings and quickly see the modifications to the image. Changes can easily be reverted if needed. VidiPIX is a web-based application that is available online. You just need an internet access and you will always have access to it.
VidiPIX offers a range of different techniques and options that can be applied to the images, either individually or combined. This gives the user great flexibility and the ability to create unique wallpapers.
VidiPIX is specialized. It has been created to solve very specific problems, and there offers a specialized software for solving complex problems. VidiPIX automatically in seconds solves problems that a user previous could spend hours on.

Easy to use - intuitive user interface.
Powerful -
state-of-the-art techniques
Specialized -
solving complex problems
What VidiPIX does

VidiPIX provides flexible, powerful and specialized functions that makes it easy to restore, repair and modify wallpapers.

  • Repair damage

    VidiPIX can easily repair damage such as removing lines, smudges, wear in the wallpaper. VidiPIX can also repair areas that are missing (damaged) through an advanced function that finds similar regions and in-paints the missing part.

  • Colour correction

    VidiPIX has advanced functions that allow you to easily correct or change the colour of a wallpaper.

  • Export patterns

    VidiPIX can easily export the wallpaper pattern, and creates a perfectly aligned patterns that allows for easy printing of the wallpaper.

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